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Whose House? Not James Franco’s

Creative writing extraordinaire James Franco will, unfortunately, not be attending UH this fall. The devastating news comes after a year of Franco deferring his enrollment.

Depressed UH students have likely already stripped their James Franco tribute walls from their dorms and are in the process of removing their James Franco shrines from their closets.

But then again, maybe they are trying to hold on to the hope that this has all been a sick joke and they’ll get the chance to see Franco snoozing in class come fall.

Not to worry. In all likelihood UH Media Relations is hard at work obtaining another famous actor to bring unprecedented attention to campus.

But that doesn’t change the fact that we feel rejected, unwanted. James Franco stood us up.

Franco is, according to UH Creative Writing Director James Kastely, “just very busy.” Hopefully he’s not busy reprising his role as Harry Osborne in Spiderman.

Joking aside, there probably are many more important things a Hollywood star like Franco could be doing than attending an exclusive creative writing program that gets hundreds of applicants and only lets twenty or so each year.

UH would have undoubtedly been much happier with a famous name to plaster all over the walls and newsletters. And now that he’s not coming, what will be the future of UH’s most dear Tier One status?

How many celebrity obsessed students will now overlook UH as a choice, thinking how we were too insignificant for Franco?

We should have wedged one of Franco’s arms between something solid in the Roy G. Cullen building while we still had the chance. At least then we would have something to remember him by — a momento.

Who knows, after being trapped for 127 hours at UH maybe he would have decided to stay.


  • Although some students and faculty at the U of H are dissapointed that James will not be attending this fall, I assure you that James is also upset that he will be unable to attend. He has frequently commented on how enriching education is for him. I am sure this was a difficult decission for James. Despite his fame and exceptional ability to manage multiple projects at once, he is also only human and actualy does have limitations like the rest of us. The Creative Writting Program at the U of H has been and shall remain one of the best programs in the country with or without James. They do not need a celebrity to convince people of this.

  • Headbust, I see…

    Who's=who is -> Who is house?

    Answer: Dr. House.

    Oh, that's NOT what you were going for? Better luck next time.

    • I came here to bring up that same point. This is an institution of higher learning and THIS gets published without the editors taking notice?

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