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Saturday, September 24, 2022


Former US ambassador to UN talks foreign policy

John Bolton was the United States ambassador to the United Nations.  |  Yulia Kutsenkova/The Daily Cougar

John Bolton was the United States ambassador to the United Nations. | Yulia Kutsenkova/The Daily Cougar

Former United States ambassador to the United Nations and diplomat, John Bolton, spoke to law students about the Obama administration’s failures at an international level.

The US has turned their attention away from international affairs and is focusing only on its internal situation, Bolton said.

“It is simply not possible to have sustained American prosperity at home unless we have a strong international presence,” Bolton said.

“Whatever stability there is in the world is essentially provided by the United States.”

Bolton said President Barack Obama doesn’t see the world as a “huge” threat.

The US has the lowest number of navy ships overseas since 1916 and the number is projected to decrease. Cuts will also be applied to the Air Force and Army while international threats are continuing to rise, Bolton said.

“The relations of the United States and Russia are exceptionally low,” Bolton said.

“In August 2008, Russia invaded Georgia. Candidate Obama said that both sides should exercise their strength — Georgia on one hand and Russia on the other.

“This didn’t sound comforting to the people of Georgia. Their army can probably fit in this room. This also signals to the Russians that presidential candidate Obama didn’t understand what worked.”

Bolton also said the Obama administration is not doing anything to stop North Korea.

“We know that they’re making enormous progress with their missiles. Communication satellites have been used to celebrate the hundredth anniversary,” Bolton said.

“Obviously, if you can put missiles in earth’s orbit, you can put it on any target on earth. They are certainly well on their way. It is the most heavily sanctioned country. What have we done about it? Nothing.”

The US relationship with Iran was also criticized.

“When you let missiles get in the hand of crazy, religious fanatics who don’t share the same values as we do here, it is something that needs to be concerned about,” Bolton said.

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