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Men raise awareness of sexual violence through walk

A group of male students from Western Kentucky University recently learned what it was like to walk a mile in a woman’s shoes. In an event organized by WKU’s Intrafraternity Council, more than 50 WKU men donned red stilettos Wednesday and walked a mile around their campus in order to raise awareness about sexual abuse against women.

“Instead of just saying oh yeah, we’ll support them or something, we’re actually showing a physical movement that you know, we will stand up and fight for our women,” said Student Activities Graduate Assistant John Sanders to WBKO news.

Through their efforts, the men were able to raise $1,000 for Hope Harbor, a Kentucky-based sexual trauma recovery center.

“To see a bunch of guys wearing red high heels for such a good cause, to raise awareness, I think it’s fantastic,” said Jessica Mattingly of Hope Harbor.

Although that might have been the most painful mile those men have ever walked in their lives, they took their pain in stride to send the message that sexual violence against women is unacceptable.

According to a recent study by the Department of Justice, one in four college women will be the victims of rape or attempted rate before graduation.

The results of the study also reveal that the incident of rape or attempted rate is four times higher for women between the ages of 16 and 24.

It is encouraging that these men have taken such a strong and open stand against sexual violence because it is such a serious issue for college women.

Fraternities at UH should follow the example of the men who participated in the walk at WKU and hold a similar walk at UH. With increased awarerness, hopefully we can change that one in four statistic.

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  • Great editorial! Thanks to the DC staff for taking on this important issue of violence against women on campus as well as issuing a challenge to the fraternities on our campus to sponsor the "Walk a Mile in my Shoes" event. As director of the Women's Resource Center, I would be happy to partner with any fraternities who are willing to step up to the plate (in high heels no less). Great job, Daily Cougar!

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