Stadium to be built in current location

The UH system Board of Regents decided to build a new football stadium in Robertson’s current location instead of the proposed site near the intersection of Cullen Boulevard and Interstate 45. This was decided in the Board’s meeting Wednesday at the Hilton University of Houston Hotel.

“There are too many unknown costs for the I-45 site,” Vice Chair for the Board Mica Mosbacher said.

“I would hate to burden our students with more costs.”

The alternate site would have cost the University an estimated $40 million more than it would to keep the stadium in the current location.

The I-45 site date of completion was 2015 and would’ve relocated Cullen Boulevard and the intramural fields. One year of rental for another facility would’ve been added to the cost.

Chair of the Board of Regents Nelda Blair said she and other members felt comfortable with the current site for the new stadium.

“I am satisfied that our current site is the site to be,” Blair said.

The cost for the new, approximately 40,000-seat football stadium is $105 million, and construction will be completed by 2014.

The Board also approved a student fee increase that will be implemented in the fall semester.

“There is no tuition increase; it’s just the fees to support the UC and the athletics construction,” Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs John Antel said.

“These are not fees for classes but for services.”

Students will pay be charged a $100 increase in fees for the construction of the new football stadium and the new University Center facilities.

Antel said the fee was self-imposed after students voted in approval of the athletic referendum on Feb. 2.

UH Chancellor and President Renu Khator said she received news March 20 that the UH systems are now Hispanic-serving institutions.

“There are only two Tier One universities who have that: University of New Mexico and University of California at Riverside,” Khator said.

To be named a Hispanic-serving institution, a university has to have an enrollment of at least 25 percent undergraduate full-time Hispanic students at the end of the year immediately preceding the date of application.

Khator said the title was an important example of the University’s synchronization of Houston’s diverse population and culture.

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  • Why are there four paragraphs in an article titled "Stadium to be built in current location…" talking about UH being designated a Hispanic-serving institution? Is the proofreading so poor that two articles can be merged and published without anyone noticing?

  • So I guess the football team will be going to Reliant or playing at the Dynamo stadium next year? I hope we can still get in for 'free' and there'll be shuttles or something from UH.

    I find the whole "Hispanic-serving" institution label pretty dumb. Does it matter how much percentage of our student body is this or that? I hope that application did not cost any real money to apply for to get this designation. I'd rather we have more meaningful designations in the research, graduation rates, top schools, and sustainability areas.

  • Poorly written article without any real details on the stadium. And why is tghe hispanic title in the stadium article? First of all it is $50/semester not $100. Secondly no mention that we will play 2013 at Reliant. There were also many reason that we did not choose the I 45 site other than it being more constly. They didn't have the proper space for expansion, it would have cause traffic nightmares getting in, would have affected tailgating at the stadium and we have already built a stadium garage at the current location. You a;so seem to insibuate the students were in jeopardy of having to pay more if we changed locations. The referendum would be the same iven if the stadium costs were $100 million more than projected. Now how is I know all this without access to Khator and the BOR? Geez do just a little research next time and stop trying to paing a negative picture!

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