Wheelchair basketball raises awareness, funds

The wheelchair basketball tournament was held to raise money and awareness for physically disabled people. | Hendrick Rosemond/The Daily Cougar

As part of Push Week 2012, Pi Kappa Phi fraternity organized a wheelchair basketball tournament to raise money and awareness for people with physical disabilities.

The tournament, which took place Tuesday at Cullen Oaks, was double elimination and had six sororities and the Rollin’ Coogs participate.

“We do it every year, and we get the girls involved and let them come out,” said David Garza, president of Pi Kappa Phi. “It’s actually neat to see what it means to play a sport with a disability, and the girls always have fun coming out here competing, and it’s just a fun time for everyone.”

Push for America, the organization the event raised money for, is owned and operated by Pi Kappa Phi. The organization hosts volunteer activities to help people with disabilities.

“It’s really an eye-opening experience,” said Cole Mann, a physics sophomore. “It’s really cool being able to experience what (people with disabilities) have to go through and letting people be aware of that.”

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