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Coog Radio show duo taking it back

A happenstance meeting through a fundamental of arts class led to the creation of one of Coog Radio’s most personal on-air shows.

Photography major Lisa Ramirez and media production major Jenni Settle host the Sunday afternoon show, “5-8-9 Confidential,” whose name was born from a classroom located inside the Fine Arts building.

“We met in our fundamentals of art class, which is in Lisa’s major and in my minor,” Settle said. “We clicked instantly and have wanted to do a show together ever since.”

With “5-8-9 Confidential,” Ramirez and Settle bring an eclectic mix of old-school sounds with a touch of contemporary thrown in for good measure to the Coog Radio airwaves.

The old-school sound that the duo throws in consists of oldies from the ’50s and ’60s, while the contemporary vibe is taken from the indie and electro genres.

“I like hearing music from back in the day,” Ramirez said. “(The oldies are) something that our young generation should hear every now and then.”

One of the old-school bands that Ramirez enjoys listening to is Mamas & Papas. For more contemporary sounds, she turns to the electronic rhythms of Passion Pit.

Settle, on the other hand, has an ear for Motown Soul and its neo-disciples.

“I like the jazzy feeling when I listen to artists like The Temptations and Devendra Banhart,” Settle said.

Along with the diverse blend of tunes, the two hosts make it a point to talk about their personal lives through a recap of their weekly events.

“We don’t have one of those typical radio shows,” Ramirez said. “We want to let our listeners know about funny situations that have happened throughout our week so our listeners can crack up and laugh,” Ramirez said.

Settle and Ramirez end the show every Sunday afternoon with a segment called “Jenni’s Words of Wisdom,” where, as the segment title suggests, Settle provides listeners with a bit of advice.

“ We want to give our listeners a feeling of reality,” Settle said.

Along with a love of photography, Ramirez also enjoys the art of filmmaking in her spare time.

She was able to shoot part of last fall’s Say Anything and Motion City Soundtrack tour stop at Warehouse Live.

Media production isn’t the only thing Settle plans on doing in her career — she also loves the art of making people laugh.

“I plan on being a comedian soon,” Settle said. “I love being humorous and sharing it with the world.”

With Ramirez and Settle occupying their listeners with the stories about their lives as students, their nostalgic music picks of old school artists and their humor, “5-8-9 Confidential” is more like time spent with friends.

To become part of the experience, listen in on Ramirez and Settle during “5-8-9 Confidential” from 1 to 3 p.m. every Sunday at

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