Graduate class to host chai sampling at Cougar Grounds

Students have an opportunity to sample and name a potential addition to the Cougar Grounds menu from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. Thursday and Tuesday inside the entrance of the cafe.

As part of a semester project, students in the graduate level Food & Beverage Management Systems class created a new chai recipe that will be sampled and compared to the drink currently offered by Cougar Grounds, said Hillary Davidson, one of the students from the class.

“There are two chai recipes, the current chai on the menu and the chai we have produced in class by two of our student who had the winning recipe.  There will be a short survey comparing the two recipes and at the end of the survey there is a spot to either choose one of three names we have come up with or a blank to write in a name,” she said.

“Just under the voting of the product name there will be a spot for the student to put his or her name and email address which we will enter into an excel spreadsheet and let excel randomly choose a winner.”

The student whose name is drawn will receive 10 free chais from Cougar Grounds.

“The recipe is not guaranteed to be on the menu at this time,” Davidson said. “We are conducting this as to see how it would do in Cougar Grounds.”

The event is open to UH students, faculty and staff.

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