Garage opens today, fall permits available online

The Stadium Parking Garage opens today to students, faculty, staff and visitors.

The third and fourth levels of the garage are for students, the second is for faculty and staff, and the first floor will be open to visitors for an hourly rate.

Any UH students, faculty or staff with a current parking permit may park in the garage until the end of the summer semester.

The garage is located on the corner of Cullen and Holman, and will feature 2273 parking spaces and, eventually, retail space on the first floor.

The retail is still under construction, but will open by fall 2012, the release said.

Students, faculty and staff can register for a Stadium Garage permit online at

[email protected]


  • Still won’t do anything for the parking problems plaguing campus. Plus, tuition and parking costs keep going up, up, and up some more while the Dean sits comfortably on top of $$$$ courtesy of hard-working students.

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