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Thank you for the stellar semester

All good things come to an end. Fortunately for our readers, The Daily Cougar is not always good. This means that, while this is our last print issue for this semester, we will return in June with our weekly summer issues.

All joking aside, the entire Daily Cougar staff spends countless hours every week making sure we fulfill our mission to bring quality journalism to the University of Houston.

However, all of the hours we put in would be for naught if we didn’t have a great university to report on. We may be the ones who write the stories, but we depend on stellar UH students, faculty and staff for the topics of those stories.

UH offers us a colorful mélange of characters every day, characters that inspire us and provide us with ample material to include within the pages of our paper. We are fortunate that we attend such diverse and innovative university.

The editorial board of the Cougar would like to thank UH for being such an excellent training ground for student journalists. We have the unique privilege of writing about a university that is on the rise. From Tier One researchers to nationally ranked athletes, there is never a shortage of quality topics for us to cover.

We are excited about the future of UH, just as we are excited about the future of the Cougar. It is no secret that our campus is under construction. Well, we are always under construction at the Cougar as well.

Co-news Editor Joshua Mann has been elected as the new editor in chief of the Cougar. He will take the reins of the paper starting this summer. He will continue to build our staff, just as the university will continue building its reputation as a stellar Texas university.

We always have room for Tier One students here at The Daily Cougar, students who will help us continue our assent along with that of the university. We have to say good-bye for now, but we’ll be back as soon as classes begin this summer. Even if we wanted to, we couldn’t stay away.

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  • At times I have been critical of the editorials, but in all I have very much enjoyed reading the daily Cougar. Thankyou for your hard work and I look forward to the upcoming issues next semester.

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