Senate bill aims to update system of governing bylaws

The Student Government Association Senate will introduce and have the first reading of a bill to reform the organization’s bylaws in their fifth meeting 7:30 p.m. today in the Rockwell Pavilion of the M.D. Anderson Memorial Library.

The proposed SGA Governance, Accountability, and Integrity Reform Act of 2012 states that the current bylaws are outdated and have contradictory and redundant clauses. It aims to replace the old governance system with one that contains an updated document of bylaws and a bylaws edits document which would strike unnecessary information from the original document.

“We took apart the whole bylaw starting from the top and going through the entire thing,” said SGA President Cedric Bandoh.

“We removed a lot of redundant phrases and changed some things, making us more efficient and allowing us to understand our system better.”

Another notable change the bill proposes is the removal of the trial period in the Court of Appeals in response to the questions raised after last semester’s appeals process in the SGA election scandal, said Bandoh.

Special reports will be presented by Bandoh and Assistant Vice President for UH Health Initiatives Kathryn Peak.

Senator Eduardo Reyes will move to suspend a bylaw concerning interim appointments in order to allow Bandoh to appoint Jeanette Rivera to the position of Director of Public Relations.

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