Khator to stick with UH

Khator was rumored to leave UH for her alma mater. She publically declined such speculation.  |  File Photo/The Daily Cougar

Khator was rumored to leave UH for her alma mater. She publically declined such speculation. | File Photo/The Daily Cougar

The University of Houston President and Chancellor Renu Khator was believed to be the candidate to fill the presidential vacancy at Purdue University, but publicly squashed the rumor this week.

Khator received her Master’s and doctoral degree in political science and business administration from Purdue. At the fourth annual UH Student Leadership Forum last week, Khator shot down any notion that she was returning to her alma mater.

“Purdue has been looking for a new president for (more than) a year,” Khator said at the Student Leadership Forum. “I turned them away 10 times and I will turn them away 11 times more.”

On Tuesday, it was reported by several news outlets that Purdue would announce Gov. Mitch Daniels as its next president on Thursday. Former UH Board of Regents chairman Welcome Wilson Sr. said that Purdue’s search firm contacted him initially for a recommendation for their vacancy.

“I was immediately worried sick,” Wilson said. “But she declined to even be interviewed. We’re making giant strides at UH and she has electrified the University of Houston.”

Khator became the third person to hold the dual title of president and chancellor of the University of Houston system in 2007, and since then has elevated the University to Tier One status according to the Carnegie Foundation and was also recognized by the Princeton Review for excellence in undergraduate education.

Khator’s decision to stay is an important one for the University, as it continues to shed an image as being a stepping-stone. Khator’s predecessor, Jay Gogue, left UH after four years to become the president at his alma mater, Auburn.

“In the past, possibly UH has been used a stepping-stone,” UH Board of Regents chairman Nelda Blair said. “When Renu came here she made clear she had goals for the University and the System. She saw it as a diamond in the rough and she was right, but she wants to make it a diamond star.

“I believe her blood runs Cougar red and I believe it’s going to stay that way.”

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  • Yes, Dr. Khator leaving or entertaining leaving would be a devastating blow to the University of Houston. I have seen what a seemingly loyal and happy “not going anywhere” President that didn’t end up going anywhere did at Murray State University just when there was pride and mission really starting to take-hold at Murray State University. Purdue sure needs a superhuman President. I have experience with that University. Purdue has cancer in all areas including Faculty. UH has a fine faculty though so few native US, but still a fine and hardworking faculty. UH has severe administrative and spirit problems; Purdue has it all and it would be one of the most impossible large University nuts to crack that I know of for likely nothing but failure of mission and ruined health for the non-monetary reward. Dr. Khator UH needs to improve now and there are no secrets any longer what are the problems and many of the no-capital expenditure fixes.

  • carnegie doesn’t have a tier one status. who cares what the princeton review says?
    if it’s so important that she stay, why can’t she sign a contract that makes her stay?
    oh, i mean ‘go coogs’

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