Third suspect arrested in second campus robbery


LeDarian Dwayne Bimage  |  Photo courtesy of UH Marketing & Communication

A third arrest was made today in the Sept. 19 gunpoint robbery on campus.

The suspect who was arrested today, LeDarian Dwayne Bimage, is alleged to be the driver of the getaway vehicle, according to a mass email sent out by UH Department of Public Safety. He was charged with aggravated robbery.

Police said Friday they were looking at four persons of interest, three of whom may have been the driver. Bimage is not one of those three, but UH Chief of Police Ceaser Moore said the police are still looking into them.

Bimage was arrested in his apartment earlier today by the UHDPS Anti-Crime Team, which was established Sept. 21, UHDPS said in a press release. The Anti-Crime Team involves multi-level cooperation between different law enforcement divisions, UHDPS said.

Thursday, two other suspects, Ricardo Jamel Tangarife and Anthony Theis, were arrested in connection with the case.

According to email, two others were apprehended during Bimage’s arrest but in relation to other cases.

Police are still looking for a fourth suspect in the case, a stripper named Sue Ortiz, Moore said.

“We have information that she’s dancing at another club,” Moore said. “It’s OK that she knows we’re looking for her. She’s pretty transient, so someone will turn her in. That’s the hope.”

It has not been determined if the Sept. 19 incident is related to the other two robberies that occurred the same week, according to the press release.

“UH police are vigorously pursuing additional leads and suspects,” Moore said, according to the press release.

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