Campus updates WiFi

Before long, students, faculty and staff may have less of a reason to complain about the quality of the wireless Internet access on campus.

Because of the increased demand for wireless services on campus, University Information Technology, under the direction of Manager Rita Barrantes, has installed additional wireless access points in several University buildings — more than doubling the amount of WAPs on campus before Spring 2012.

“Customers’ expectations have changed with regard to wireless services,” Barrantes said. “The wireless network is no longer considered an access network used for convenience, but has become the preferred access network for students, faculty and staff.”

“The demand for wireless Internet has skyrocketed during the last couple of years because of inflation in device(s) like the iPod and iPad.”

WAPs have been installed in the University Center Satellite, M.D. Anderson Memorial Library and several other frequently populated locations across campus.

“We think students will be happier with wireless service in the library now,” Barrantes said.

According to UIT, 18 buildings have been updated in 2012 — with more than 100 devices installed in September alone.

“Right now we have about 1,600 wireless access points on campus,” Barrantes said. “In the next two years, we plan to install at least 4,000.”

According to Barrantes, the new wireless Internet services should have no affect on cell phone reception.

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