NAACP discusses elections

With only 37 days until Election Day, the UH chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People hosted a debate Tuesday night, urging the student body to recognize the issues in the 2012 elections and encouraging them to decide for themselves who the best candidate is for the nation.

Education was the main topic of the debate, as it is not only relevant to students, but also because many attendees feel that the system is flawed.

“Student organizations need to help students understand the issues of the debate,” said Bethany Johns, vice president of college representation. “The campus needs the tools to provide the information.”

The panel spoke to the attendees of the current issues that will be brought up in Wednesday night’s presidential debate — like the economy and jobs — and how this will affect current college students and loans.

The debate aimed to bring to light the issues that will be important to students for the upcoming 2012 elections and the next four years.

“Wednesday night’s debate will be similar to tonight’s,” said Renee Richardson, history and political science senior and the democratic representative on the panel. “People will be able to make up their minds on who to vote for.”

During the debate, the panel put a lot of emphasis on the presidential and congressional elections.

“You can’t be a good citizen and not vote,“ Richardson said. “You can’t wait until the day of the election to be concerned about the issues.”

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