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Soccer simulator scores with tighter controls, sleek presentation

"FIFA 13'" is now available for PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 | Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

“FIFA 13′” is now available for PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360. | Courtesy of Wikimedia Common

Inspired by soccer player Lionel Messi, EA Sports has released “FIFA 13,” a soccer simulation game that aims to evolve ball control, physical play and artificial intelligence that allows gamers to experience all of the drama and excitement of a real-life soccer game.

The most notable changes made is the ability to battle for possession and position across the entire field. This unique feature can change the course of the game by allowing players to precisely take possession of the ball or create more opportunities to score a goal.

An offensive minded gamer will enjoy this feature because it will allow them to face up an opponent and attack while having complete control to pass the ball in any direction, dodge tackles, shield the ball and hold off defenders longer.

Defensive minded gamers should be relieved that the critical mistakes that the computer often makes on defense are few and far between. The improved play of the artificial intelligence will allow players to breathe easier and know that if the defender is in position, they will do their best to make a play on the ball.

“FIFA 13’” has also evolved set plays to allow individuals to create innovative and unpredictable free kicks using their most talented athletes. Gamers can now position up to three players over the ball and have one or all of them attempt to kick the ball. This opens the door for more creative passing options and innovative free kicks.

On the defensive end, the gamer has the ability to counter by adding or subtracting athletes to the wall, creed forward or send them to block the shot.

“FIFA 13’” has also improved the way users view the game by paying close attention to detail when creating the look and feel of it. From the definition of the grass to the three-dimensional survey of the 40,000 fans in the stadium.

Gamers will contribute hours during the complimentary and competitive online mode and will also be looking forward to unlocking all of their favorite team jerseys by preforming well during campaign mode.

As an added touch to an already brilliant presentation, team statistics are changed throughout the day as the actual soccer season continues. Players will have to think hard about choosing their teams, considering that the unique traits and personality in the game mirror their real life counterparts.

Overall “FIFA 13’” has raised the bar for the look and feel of simulation sport games, something that many players will enjoy.

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  • Multi sport simulators are good for the days when the climate is just too horrible to relax and play outdoors. Get ready to experience your preferred adventures without even using a field to play soccer.

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