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SFAC hearings end, deliberations begin

The Student Fees Advisory Committee hearings came to a close on Nov. 5, marking an end to financial appeals made by numerous campus organizations and departments and the start to the review process that includes deliberation on each request made.
The committee of 10 representatives now has the task of deciding as a group where funds will go and the significance they will have, according to its website. The organizations and departments put reports together using templates provided by the committee to guide them through the requesting process.

“The SFAC will discuss each request carefully and thoroughly,” said William F. Munson, associate vice president of Student Development representative in SFAC. “We will come to a conclusion based on reaching a consensus on each request.”

Munson emphasized the importance of these decisions and the process that unfolds after the committee comes to its own conclusions.

“The SFAC develops a final report that will include recommendations regarding allocation of Student Service Fees,” Munson said. “The final report will be transmitted to the Vice President of Student Affairs and the President and will also be posted to the SFAC website.”

Final decisions about where finances will go will be made by the UH System Board of Regents in the spring 2013 semester using the report provided by SFAC, Munson said.

This was the second year for the completely electronic budget requests and review process, he said. PowerPoint presentations were made by the groups to present their budgets and what they would like to receive from SFAC.

“I hope that in the future each requesting entity will be able to appropriately update the committee of the success and changes of their programs and adequately articulate what additional funding there are asking for and why,” said Stacy Garcia, a Student Government Association representative in SFAC. “While we did get a number of organizations who did this very well, I hope that eventually they all can.”

The members of the committee are currently in this process of reviewing all presentations to meet their goals and responsibilities of making recommendations on behalf of these organizations.

“I am happy to say that I do believe we are holding up well,” said Rex Mann, the SGA representative and vice chair for SFAC.

“The members are sharp and dedicated and the deliberations are running smoothly.”

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