UH student struck by car during robbery

At 4:32 p.m. today, a UH student reported that she was robbed her of cell phone by two black females, and was struck by their car durning the robbery.

The student was approached by the two suspects in a four-door silver Ford Taurus, UH Department of Public Safety said in a campus-wide email. The two suspects proceeded to ask the student for money.

The student said to UH Police that she told the suspects she had no money, but allowed the females to use her cell phone to obtain gasoline for their car. After she handed her phone to the suspects, they reportedly drove off with her phone, the email said.

The UH student allegedly jumped in front of the moving vehicle and was struck by it, the email said.

The two suspects are described in the email as black and in their early 20s. One was heavily-built, had a ponytail while the other had a head wrap and a lip piercing.

There were no weapons reported to have been involved.

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