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Q-and-A: Student model balances classes, work

Broadcast journalism junior Nida Khurshid was casted to be apart of the Monique Lhuillier runway show on Thursday evening. | Adrienne Raquel/The Daily Cougar

Broadcast journalism junior Nida Khurshid was casted to be apart of the Monique Lhuillier runway show on Thursday evening. | Adrienne Raquel/The Daily Cougar

Broadcast journalism junior Nida Khurshid was signed as a model to Page Parkes Corporation in Houston after a brief stint on cycle 14 of “America’s Next Top Model.” Kkurshid walked during three of the four nights at Fashion Houston and will play a minor role in Seth Rogen’s directorial film debut in the summer.

The Daily Cougar: How were you discovered?

Nida Khurshid: I had initially tried out for “America’s Next Top Model,” and I made it on the first episode. When I was over in L.A. filming that first episode, one of the people who cast me for the show told me about Page Parkes and said I should audition for them when I go back to Houston, which I did. After the first episode, I got eliminated so I flew back to Houston, and I just went for a random open call at Page Parkes and attended the weekend model camp with them because I was totally new to the modeling industry — the only thing I had ever done was “Top Model,” After I attended the model camp, I got signed right away.

TDC: How many shows were you cast in for Fashion Houston this year?

NK: We did the casting a couple of months ago and then I got booked the Monday, Tuesday and Thursday shows.

TDC: Who did you walk for?

NK: Monday I walked for Georges Chakra. Tuesday it was David Peck and tonight (Thursday) it was Monique Lhuillier, who was my favorite because I watch her on “Say Yes to the Dress” all the time, so that was pretty awesome.

TDC: What was your favorite collection this year?

NK: It has to be George Chakra because he’s from Europe — you can’t go wrong with a European designer — and his clothes are just absolutely beautiful.

TDC: What were your favorite looks from his collection?

NK: I think one of them was one I wore — it was the first look. It was like a suit and then a skirt and then it was just all sequined. It was just beautiful and it makes you feel like such a woman and sophisticated at the same time.

TDC: What is your favorite thing about modeling?

NK: The best part is just getting to meet people who I really look up to in the fashion industry. One of my favorite moments was when I got to meet Naeem Khan — he designs for tons of celebrities at the Grammy’s and the Oscar’s. His gowns are worn by countless different celebrities, and I got to walk for him in a fashion show. That was just absolutely amazing because it was a dream come true, especially because he is from the same part of the world as me. It’s definitely cool meeting other South Asians in the industry just like me; that’s one of my favorite parts.

TDC:  What other type of modeling work have you done this year?

NK: I did mostly fashion shows. I got to walk for Alberta Ferretti, and she’s a European designer and it was the first time she brought her spring collection to the U.S. It her was debut fashion show, and I got to walk for her. It was absolutely amazing. I’m working pretty much three times a week doing different shows. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t remember specifically what I’ve done.

I also recently worked on a movie. Seth Rogen with his directorial debut movie, called “End of the World” — we filmed in New Orleans this past summer and it’s coming out in June 2013. I got to work with James Franco, Seth Rogan and Emma Watson. It was absolutely amazing — probably the best time I’ve ever had in this industry. There was a group of like 15 celebrities including Rihanna — frickin’ Rihanna. I get so excited talking about this as you can probably tell.

TDC: What character do you play in the film?

NK:  I was a featured guest at James Franco’s party so basically I was around Aziz Ansari the whole time because I’m brown and he’s brown and I guess they thought it would be cool to put us together.

TDC: What are your favorite fashion trends this season?

NK: I really love the whole see-through dresses at the bottom, but then they have another layer underneath. And I love leather — I’m obsessed with leather. And the skirts that are higher in the front and longer in the back. And studs — I’m all about studs — kinds of like punk-rock mixed with feminine and kind of flirty and fun. And I have to wear my boots.

TDC: How do you balance school and modeling?

NK:  It’s hard, but I try to keep up with everything, and I limit myself to two classes per semester. I’m taking my time with school, but at the same time I want to make good grades because I feel like I have to take everything in bits and pieces. But it’s going good, I love broadcast journalism, but I love acting and modeling at the same time. I feel like they all kind of intertwine, and I can do something really big overall with my career with all three things.

TDC: What are you looking forward to as far as modeling for the rest of the year and in 2013?

NK:  In January I am looking to go to New York and L.A. and my agency Page Parkes is going to set me up with an agency out there. I’m going to be attending lots of agency castings, and I’m hoping to travel a lot. I actually got an opportunity to possibly walk in Sri Lanka Fashion Week. Spring has lot of exciting jobs so far, and I think that’s what I’m most looking forward too.

I think I’m also going to try dipping my feet in the Bollywood industry too because I have a contact over there, and I actually did a Bollywood music video. So far it’s unreleased. I definitely want to stay in Houston, but I also want to travel around the world and kind of do work like that.

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