Closed lots inconvenience students

The demolition of Robertson Stadium will cause the loss of  2,020 lots to by Sunday.  | File photo /The Daily Cougar

The demolition of Robertson Stadium will cause the loss of 2,020 lots by Sunday. | File photo /The Daily Cougar

With construction of a new stadium in the same location where Robertson Stadium is located, there may be inconveniences for students attempting to park.

Lots 11A, 12B, 15D and 15F will be closed, and there will be no student parking near the stadium site except for the Stadium Parking Garage, said Bob Browand, staff director of Parking and Transportation.

Browand said it is important that students weigh their options and preplan.

“Students should make a plan now as to whether they want to upgrade to a garage permit while they are still available, park at ERP or in one of the other student or economy lots on campus,” Browand said in an email.

The Energy Research Park has 1,000 spaces, and the Metropolitan Transit Authority can accommodate as many students as possible, Browand said. There are limited spaces available in the Stadium, East and Welcome Center Garages.

“We are also encouraging students to check out Metro or carpooling as an option. When they should leave from home would depend on where they live and what option they choose,” Browand said.

The problems could be compounded by Metro’s expansion of its light rail. Metro construction along Scott Street still causes delays. The combination of both could cause a bigger problem.

Syed Zaman, a sophomore finance major who routinely parks around the stadium, said he arrives to campus more than an hour ahead of time but will have to start leaving even earlier.

“That’s a large amount of parking. The garages will help, but that’s more money. Some people are tight on money; they can’t really do that,” Zaman said.

“They’re just going to have to park outside on the roads, and that’s going to cause more problems.”

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  • If you don’t want to pay for a parking garage pass, guess you can either keep using the student/economy pass or learn how to use the METRO.

    Personally, I’m kinda happy if this encourages students to learn how to use METRO, because it’s a very underutilized mode despite it being mega cheap to get on. If I wasn’t living on campus, I’d park at the Park & Rides, catch the express bus to downtown, walk a few blocks, and catch 1/5 buses that stop at UH for less than $5 roundtrip.

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