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Boxers slug it out for hospitals

After the fight, Sigma Chi member Dan Gelovany came out on top against Sigma Mu member Josue Moncillas | Rebekah Sterns/The Daily Cougar

After the fight, Sigma Nu member Josue Moncillas came out on top against Sigma Chi member Dan Gelovani member. | Rebekah Sterns/The Daily Cougar

Rich’s Nightclub hosted Saturday the 37th annual “Fight Night,” an event consisting of 11 amateur boxing matches sponsored by Sigma Chi in an effort to benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Spearheading the event was biology senior David Gelovani, president of the UH chapter of Sigma Chi, and supply chain management junior and “Fight Night” coordinator Alejandro Castor.

USA Boxing sanctioned the contest and helped by contributing knowledge and equipment needed to jump start the spectacle.

“Being sanctioned means that ‘Fight Night’ is a legitimate amateur boxing event in which all boxers are registered as amateur boxers with the USA Boxing Association, receive proper training, have corner men, legitimate judges, a referee and a doctor on site,” Gelovani said.

“All of this is done to make it a safe and fun event.”

To kick off the event, former American Idol contestant and daughter of the original founder of “Fight Night” Cari Quoyeser sang the national anthem as the at-capacity crowd worked themselves into a raucous frenzy that was maintained for the better part of the night.

The 11 amateur matchups each consisted of three one-minute rounds, including one all-time first between two female opponents, Shelley Rospond and Jasmine Campos.

All of the fights proved to entertain spectators throughout the night, but according to “Fight Night” chairman and finance junior Andy Oberhauser, the fight between Sigma Chi member Ahmad Zahra and Pi Kappa Phi member Basil Cheheyab was the one to watch.

“Those two put on a great show and the knockout by Ahmad was the best of the night,” Oberhauser said.

In the 2011-12 academic year, Sigma Chi led all fraternities in philanthropic giving with more than $8,000. This year, it looks like “Fight Night” alone will significantly top that mark. T-shirt and ticket sales are still being tabulated, but early indications speculate the final take should eclipse last year’s total, possibly landing in the low five-digits.

“This Fight Night was one of the most successful in recent memory,” Oberhauser said.

“Thanks to the participation of the fighters, outstanding community support and brother participation, we expect to donate over $8,000 to Children’s Miracle Network, more than doubling our donation from last year.”

Ultimately, the event’s continued success depends on its broad appeal and ability to gather together disparate and otherwise unconnected parties.

“One thing that cannot go unsaid is that while Sigma Chi puts on the event, the success is due to the participants and supporters,” Gelovani said.

“This year particularly, we’ve seen a tremendous amount of support from outside Interfraternity Council, including the football team.”

All parties involved are sincerely hoping for and working toward future success, and students interested in contributing can still donate, purchase t-shirts or participate next year with Sigma Chi.

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