Business graduate has a sweet spot for poetry

UH alumnus and published author 24-year-old Ricardo Bates is tremendously grateful for the positive feedback he has received on his first published work, “Farewell and Goodnights: Selected Poems.”

Although he played on the football team throughout his time at UH and graduated from the College of Technology with a merchandising degree, Bates said he has always been passionate about writing.

“I thank God every day that I am able to express myself through words,” Bates said.

“Poetry is therapeutic.”

In the introduction to his collection of 50 poems, Bates explains how he grew up with an alcoholic father in Alabama whom he would rarely see.

“Instead of acting out in a radical manner, I resorted to writing,” Bates said. “It was a dark time during my teenage years.”

Bates writes of a time when his father picked him up to spend time with him, but ended up driving to a house where a fight broke out, causing Bates’ father to punch through glass, injuring himself.

Also in his introduction, Bates honors and thanks his high school football coach who passed away six years ago.

Bates said the coach acted as a father figure to him.

“He was a very influential person in my life growing up,” Bates said. “What better way to honor him than by dedicating the whole book to his name.”

While Bates has been writing since he was 14, it wasn’t until April that he took his compilation of poems to OPS Publishing, a small independent firm that publishes mostly business books that are focused on operations improvement and education.

On May 2, only a week later, the E-book was released.

Bates said releasing his collection as an E-book is the most cost-effective choice for himself and the most convenient for readers, especially considering that this is his first publication.

Even though his roots are in poetry, Bates said he would like to write a best-selling novel one day. In the meantime, he is finishing up his second poetry collection, “Not a Fan of 21st Century Love.”

His current book can be purchased on Amazon.

“It almost reads like a story,” Bates said.

“Each poem captures many moments that occurred in my life. That’s why I think many people can relate and connect to it — because it’s real.”

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