Rail construction sidesteps to Scott

Correction: The route information reported was incorrect. The information has since been corrected.

With a significant part of the construction cleared from Cullen Boulevard, MetroRail has shifted its work to the creation of a line that will further connect UH to downtown.

“MetroRail is working to complete construction of 15 miles of new light rails on three new lines: the East End, North and Southeast Lines. Construction work on the three lines has surpassed 60 percent completion,” said senior media relations specialist Margaret O’Brien Molina.

The line under construction at the University is the Southeast Purple Line. It begins downtown, and stops at Cleburne Street and Scott Street, then makes a stop on campus. It passes through the Houston Texans YMCA before ending in the Palm Center Transit Center.

While Cullen Boulevard has temporarily cleared, the UH area is not finished with construction inconveniences.

“The work will continue east and west of Cullen to complete the guideway and track work,” Molina said.

Metro maintains an updated status on all railway construction on its website, including a start date, the area affected and how long it will last. Metro anticipates a 10-week traffic shift along Scott Street.

The installation of a track to the west of Cullen Boulevard and Scott Street will continue throughout the semester.

“Along the east side of Scott, utility work has started and is moving north from Wheeler to Elgin. That work will be followed by track installation,” Molina said.

Metro construction on the Southeast Line began in January 2010 and is slated to offer passenger services in 2014.

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