Town hall meeting chooses to end meal plan

For Fall 2013, UH Dining Services made changes to some of the meal plans. The All Access 5 Plan, in addition to the Lifestyle 21 plan, will no longer be available for students to purchase.

Pre-business junior Kathleen Kovaich (back left), finance junior James Seblonka (back right), accounting junior Jerrod King (front right) and piano performance sophomore Miki Calderon (front left) enjoy the quiet atmosphere of Cougar Woods between classes. | Channler Hill/The Daily Cougar

The Lifestyle 21 meal plan allowed students to eat three times a day and some students will miss it. Others, like education freshmen Antonia Adams, will not. She would rather recommend the Lifestyle 160 plan.

“I got the Lifestyle 21 at first because it had the most meals,” Adams said. “Then I heard of the 160 meal plan, which has more Cougar Cash than the Lifestyle 21.”

On Thursday, the Food Service and Student Housing Town Hall held a meeting regarding the 2013-2014 calendar. UH-System dining marketing manager Amber Arguijo discussed dining accomplishments on campus and the plans for opening more establishments.

In Fall 2012, 610 students had the Lifestyle 21 meal plan.

“The Lifestyle 21 plan was redundant with the All Access 7 plan and did not offer as much flexibility for students who desired to enter the dining halls more than four times per day to study with friends, snack or eat regular meals,” said Arguijo.

Environmental science junior Kelly Underkofler will miss the Lifestyle 21 meal plan. She eats three times a day and also uses her meal plan in the weekends.

“I like being able to have my friends and parents visit me and not have to worry about having to spend money in restaurants,” Underkofler said.

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