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Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Footlongs are not measuring up

In 1965, the first Subway store opened its doors. Fifty years later and more than 35,000 stores worldwide, the restaurant received some controversy when customers started posting pictures of their footlongs on the Internet.

The Subway in Calhoun Lofts, which opened in January, had its sandwiches put to the test. | Hannah Laamoumi/The Daily Cougar

The Subway in Calhoun Lofts, which opened in January, had its sandwiches put to the test. | Hannah Laamoumi/The Daily Cougar

Last month, Subway was sued by multiple people that claimed its advertising was misleading and its sandwiches were not a foot long.

Business senior Amin Abdelwahab thinks the lawsuits against Subway are ridiculous.

“I’m a business major, and I have learned that not all products are the same length or weight but they must fall within a certain range,” Abdelwahab said. “I have never thought of measuring the footlong myself, and I don’t know anyone who has.”

UH Retail Food Service Director Misty Pierce decided to visit Calhoun Lofts Subway location and put the footlongs to the test by measuring them.

“Depending on the way in which you measure the bread, you will get different results in measurements,” Pierce said. “When measuring both the wheat and Italian Jalapeno Cheddar footlongs from the top, they are 12 inches, but when measured from the bottom, they are both around 11 and a half inches.”

Unlike the Lofts Subway, the location across from the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center is not affiliated with UH or UH Dining Services. It is licensed and follows corporate policies and procedures along with the same amount of toppings as other Subway locations.

Not all students are happy with the location of the new Subway at the Lofts. Some wish it would have been relocated to a different part in campus.

“I am satisfied with the service and the food there, however it is kind of far and was hoping they would have opened a Subway closer to the library because that’s where I usually hang out,” Abdelwahab said.

On a June 4 press release, Subway said its restaurants have become the first in the industry to meet and receive the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check meal certification by providing heart healthy and nutritious options without taking away from the taste or quality of the food.

“I am happy with the new Subway location, their great customer service and their subs can help you lose weight,” said management senior Dave Savage.

“The reason I like the workers at Subway is that if you take the time to tell them ‘Hi,’ they will remember you and your favorite order. I appreciate what they do for me,” Savage said.

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