UH cracks down on bake sale sanitation

Revisions and policies have been made on food sales for student organizations after a large quantity of violations.

The Center for Student Involvement helped in revising the policies and procedures and took responsibility for sending out notices to student organizations regarding the policy change. Some of these regulations have been around but are now being strictly enforced.

UH Food Safety Specialist Sondra Davis said she wants student organizations to know that food sales policies are developed to ensure compliance with the City of Houston, as well as the Texas Food Establishment Rules.

“The University of Houston is subject to state, city and University of Houston System rules and regulations,” Davis said. “Students were cited for violations of sanitary procedures while handling food during a bake sale by the campus Food Safety Specialist.”

Marketing senior Renan Brandao said he thinks these new policies and a procedure are necessary, and he does not mind following them.

“No one wants to buy food if they feel it is not clean, there are regulations in everything we do so we should get used to following and respecting rules,” Brandao said.

Not following the guidelines will result in temporary suspension of having bake sales.

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