Feel like royalty with alum’s cosmetic brand

The burst of color from a model’s lipstick inspired UH alumnus Joseph Chargois and TSU alumnus Jermelle Pitts to create a new high-quality cosmetic brand. “Our most popular shade, Jet Setter, sold out before less than a month before debut,” Pitts said. “We’re looking into adding lip gloss for our fall collection.” | Courtesy of Body of Royalty

In order to empower and encourage women to treat themselves as royalty, a recent UH graduate and his partner founded a new cosmetic line.

Marketing and management alumnus Joseph Chargois is the Co-CEO of Body of Royalty, a luxury cosmetic brand that launched March 1.

Body of Royalty has 12 different shades including a lip balm enhanced with vitamin E.

Chargois participated in the UH Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship where his interest in fashion and marketing skills united.

“Through Body of Royalty, we really want customers to treat themselves as royalty,” Chargois said. “We started with the impact of lipstick because it’s small, compact and adds the perfect pop to someone’s look.”

Also a former UH cheerleader, Chargois plans to expand Body of Royalty to create products for women to use head-to-toe.

“We keep our fingers on the pulse, so we know what’s hot and what’s not,” Chargois said. “But a trend is a trend. Time will pass, and trends fade. We want to make timeless high quality lipstick that will outlast 10 or more years.”

Chargois also explained the idea of expanding the brand through retail stores.

“It would be great to branch out with retail opportunities. If people aren’t receptive to the product, then it wouldn’t be the right fit for retail,” Chargois said.

Chargois aspires to stay true to Body of Royalty’s individuality, and his hard work is reaffirmed by unbiased opinions of their customers.

Texas Southern University social work alumnus Jermelle Pitts is the Co-CEO of Body of Royalty and shares an interest in beauty and fashion.

“We’re the youngest founders in the cosmetic world,” Pitts said. “We have a good feel of what’s popular with our audience.”

Pitts stressed the importance of focusing on the quality of their lipstick collection rather than relying on a celebrity endorser.

“We’re considered a luxury brand,” Pitts said. “Our $14.99 product competes with other brand names that sell lipstick for $40 or more. Plus, you get high quality makeup for a better deal.”

Pitts credited social media in promoting this new brand.

“Using hashtags on Twitter and Instagram and managing our Facebook page has been very helpful,” Pitts said. “We’ve also worked with magazine and blog publishers in New York and Miami.”

The duo had searched for manufacturers to discuss colors, textures and more, and the process of building the brand lasted about two years before production began.

“By the end of 2013, we hope to have steady clientele and possibly work with retail,” Pitts said. “We also hope to become a part of fashion shows through Houston’s fashion week in October.”

Body of Royalty’s extensive lipstick collection ships worldwide and is based in Houston.

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