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Armando Walle, Democratic U.S. House Representative for Texas district 140, first graduated from UH with a bachelor of science in political science and a minor in sociology in 2004. Now he’s back as a full-time student at the University’s Law Center. Walle spoke with The Daily Cougar about politics and being back at UH.

The Daily Cougar: You are currently attending the UH Law school — what made you decide to go back to school?

Armando Walle: I go to UH part time and decided to go back because I think it would help me professionally. Law school is way different from my work in legislature, but it is a challenge I wanted to take on to help grow in my career and to make a living. The quality of education I get at UH is high caliber, and it’s helping me here professionally as well.

TDC: How long have you been serving as a Texas State Representative?

AW: This is my third term in the legislature. I was elected in 2008.

TDC: What made you decide to go into politics?

AW: I honestly had no interest in politics but I wanted to give back to community in a way that would utilize my skill set. Initially, I interned with the Texas legislature, and then I caught the bug. I was placed at City Hall, and it was a great experience. I really enjoyed public service and the fact that you have to respond to constituents’ calls when they need help, and I loved being able to help. That’s the best part of the job … you can see how you help people.

TDC: Have you always wanted to run for a political position?

AW: I wanted to be a high school football coach. When I was in about the eighth grade my dad went to prison and my mom was working at Church’s Chicken, and my high school football coach inspired me. He really took me under his wing, as well as other teachers, and I wanted to be a coach to be that kind of role model. I found politics was similar, but better because I could affect more people that way.

TDC: What is it like juggling school, a State Representative position and a family? What kind of challenges do you face?

AW: It’s not easy, but it’s a challenge I take on; full steam ahead. Luckily I am blessed with a very supportive wife. I also work full time as a legal assistant at a law firm in the Heights. It is a challenge, but I really enjoy serving in legislature and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. For me, it’s just about being able to balance my time and I enjoy it. It’s a family affair, and so I have to prioritize. My number one job is to be a good husband and dad.

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