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A-List photographer weds her dream

Elisheva Golani - work

Photography has been a life long passion for Golani and she said that winning the A-list award means that her work is being noticed and appreciated.| Courtesy of Elisheva Golani

While photographically capturing the love shared between two people on their special day is an undeniably difficult task, studio art senior Elisheva Golani has clicked her way to recognition for doing just that.

The Houston A-List is an annual competition in which Houstonians vote for their favorite competitor  in 124 categories. Competing in a category with 115 adversaries, Golani was selected by the voters as best photographer. She also was a third-place finalist of 41 for best children’s photographer.

“The fact that I won best photographer proves to me that my artwork is being noticed and appreciated,” said Golani.

At 22 years old, the wedding and portrait photographer said she fell in love with the idea of freezing a moment in time and that she is astounded by the things she can create herself.

“I can create a scene, capture it and make it last forever,” she said.

Golani said photography has been a life-long passion for her. She turned her hobby into a business two years ago with the creation of Elisheva Golani Photography, which she said budded “almost accidentally,” introducing her to new people and places to photograph and taking her as far as New York.

Elisheva Golani - portrait

Upon graduation Golani will dedicate all of her efforts to her growing business.| Courtesy of Elisheva Golani

Golani said graduation is just around the corner, and after throwing her cap, she plans to dedicate her full attention to the business and eventually have her photography published.

“I always strive to get better, whether it’s with my photography, marketing or customer service,” Golani said.

Hoping to do more styled photo shoots, which allow her to plan every detail of the photograph according to her exact vision, Golani described the preparation required to shoot a wedding — events meaningful not only to the bride and groom, but to their families and guests, as well. She said she strives to honor the months a couple spends dreaming, planning and preparing for their big day.

“I try to capture emotion and love. I think of creating portraits as creating artwork,” Golani said.  “I am always nervous about shooting weddings until I start. Then, all of my nerves go away. As soon as I start shooting, I am in my element, and I am confident with my work.”

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