Letter from the Editor Opinion

Letter from the Opinion editor

Dear Reader,

Let me be yet another friendly voice to welcome you to another promising year at UH. I am James Wang, the editor for the Opinion section of The Daily Cougar, and my goal is not just to provide compelling content in every edition of the paper. I am here to make sure that student voices are heard, from both the writing staff and from you — the readers who make our jobs possible.

In past years, the Opinion section has reached out on subjects such as the Occupy Movement, presidential elections and conflicts overseas. While we will continue to cover important events such as these, I hope to bring the spotlight back where it matters to students most. Our focus is to dig deeper into the issues that affect our campus, with the support of our knowledgeable faculty and staff.

The upcoming year will be based on our ever-changing campus community, and as UH continues to change, Opinion will always be there to throw in its two cents.

As you turn through the pages of the Cougar while waiting for your next class to begin or for the new campus shuttle to arrive at your stop, it is my sincere wish that you enjoy the content we provide. Let us know how we’re doing by contacting us at [email protected]. Feel free to write letters to the editor and make your own voice heard.

With sincerest thanks,

James Wang
Opinion Editor
The Daily Cougar

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