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Campus hot spot: Classroom and Business Building

Classroom and Business Building

The new Classroom and Business Building by Melcher Hall and the UC provides comfort and room for students to spend time studying, chatting and perhaps napping. | Monica Tso/The Daily Cougar

The construction on campus is paying off, especially at the C. T. Bauer College of Business. With more students enrolled in the College, more classes and classrooms had to be considered under UH’s construction program.

The University Classroom and Business Building is one of the new facilities that has benefited UH and its students since its opening in Fall 2012. The third, fourth and fifth floors have been dedicated to Bauer. The Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship and the Executive MBA program also utilize the space and it has become the new spot for students to study.

The UCBB is filled with lounges for students to study comfortably, with the most popular locations being the lounges on the first fifth floor.

“I have an hour gap between classes, so I chill and study on the first floor lounge until class starts,” said mechanical engineering sophomore Zach Dobson. “It’s really convenient because the class is right down the hall.”

 The first floor is accented with a wooden vinyl wall that encloses four flat screen TVs and windows give a view of students walking by Bauer.

“I really like the view, the lighting and the TV display,” Dobson said. “I want that wall when I get my first house.”

The fifth floor lounges are for students who just want a little more peace and quiet when studying. Not only does this floor have a small lounge that’s normally quiet, but there’s also a specified quiet room that’s filled with individual cubicles and a full view of campus.

“The fifth floor quiet room is very convenient because I have meetings on the fifth floor and when I have extra time to study, I’m in the area already,” said pre-business junior Pria Glaspie.

The construction project has given students a better outlook on all these detours and eyesores around campus.

“The expansion is good for UH,” said marketing senior Jamarcus Craft. “It offers extra room to grow.”

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