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Flashback: UH defeats Rice in first Bayou Bucket

The high-tension game was the first of the now-traditional football contest between Rice and UH. | 1971 The Daily Cougar

For more than 40 years, the Cougars have been facing off against their Rice rival in what has become known as the Bayou Bucket.

In 1971, UH defeated Rice in a close game that ended with 23-21.

Saturday marks the last Bayou Bucket game for the next four years at least since the two teams are not in the same conference, and non-conference games are planned four years in advance.

However, both teams have expressed interest in bringing back the Bucket.

Head coach Tony Levine said that the game against Rice is one of UH’s most highly anticipated competitions.

“You look at what’s gone on year after year after year,” Levine said at a press conference on Tuesday. “This is a highly competitive game.”

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