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Horticulture Society turns campus green with plant sale

The Horticulture Society sells a wide variety of plants at the PGH Breezeway, from tomatoes to flowers to common house plants. | Courtesy of Guadalupe Orozco

Every year, students are bombarded with a menagerie of organizations vying for their membership. From occupational organizations to fraternities, there is an organization for almost everyone on campus. For those with a green thumb, the University has the Horticulture Society.

“The greenhouse (we work in) was always present, but the Horticulture Society began in 2008,” said¬†biology and anthropology¬†sophomore Guadalupe Orozco. Orozco also works as media adviser and webmaster for the Society.

The organization consists of 15 active members who meet every other Friday at 1 p.m. and host sales of popular plants to students, faculty and staff.

“Plants that have grown in abundance are usually the one(s) we sell. We also have a list of “best sellers,” which we grow year-round to ensure a steady supply for each sale,” Orozco said. “These include, but are not limited to, tomato plants, succulents, herbs, flowering plants and a few house plants.”

Though the organization is small, its presence hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Besides selling plants to students, the Horticulture Society also teaches its members the right way to treat plants, regardless of experience.

“We welcome all people. Many of our members did not know a thing about horticulture; we do our very best to teach all members how to plant a seed, transplant, perform a mother plant cutting and how to care for a plant in general,” Orozco said.

For this training, members pay yearly dues of $15 and may join the society at any time.

Currently, the society is pushing for more recognition on campus.

“We are definitely making our presence known on campus. We are taking over the community garden that is located on campus and giving it a boost,” Orozco said.

The Horticulture Society will have its first sale of the school year from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday at the Philip Guthrie Hoffman Hall Breezeway.

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