Q&A: Stewart takes command of UH’s defense

No. 23 was a blur, flashing across midfield while leading with a shoulder and providing big hits to Rice receivers. Last season’s Bayou Bucket was a breakout game for the now sophomore star in the secondary, Trevon Stewart. He had eight solo tackles along with two pass deflections. He has since been an essential part of the Cougars’ defense, which led to his selection as a Freshman All-American.

The Daily Cougar: Last season, you were selected as a Freshman All-American. What did you think of your season?

Trevon Stewart: I had a good season; I wasn’t satisfied with it, but my coaches put me in a good spot to make plays and my teammates put me in a good spot to make plays and I just flew around. I really wasn’t thinking about getting All-American. I was just making plays, and it came around for me.

TDC: Before the season began last year, you predicted that you were going to become a Freshman All-American. What is your prediction this year?

TS: I want to follow behind that and get All-American and All-Conference, but I’m just going to go out there and play, and if it comes around for me, it comes around. It’s always good to set goals. I’m going to set the goals, my teammates and I are going to play hard and hopefully the same accolades come around for me.

TDC: This season, you have a new defensive coordinator. How has it been this season?

TS: It’s been going great. Since (David) Gibbs stepped up here and became our new defensive coordinator, everything (has) been going great — he taught me a lot about the game. He taught our players a lot, we fly around to the ball and we all respect him. I have a lot of respect for Coach Gibbs and I’m just going to do whatever it takes to help him win.”

TDC: What is his plan for you?

TS: He wants me to learn a lot of different positions, like both safeties, both corners and nickelback. So hopefully in the next level, I can play any position. He just wants us to do great, and he thinks we will have a bright future.

TDC: How do you feel about the multiple system defenses?

TS: It’s good to learn a lot of different defenses; NFL scouts look at all that. It’s good how he moves us around a lot and puts people in different positions.

TDC: Has he expected any leadership out of you? Do you expect yourself to become a leader on the team?

TS: Definitely. Even coming in from last year, I thought I was a leader, then after getting All-American, I expected more out of myself. They just wanted me to be a leader not just on the field, with my play, but vocally. So I’ve stepped up more and I have a lot of goals set for myself and for my players also. So I keep talking and keep everybody up.

TDC: Your signature on the field is your dreadlocks. What do the dreads mean to you?

TS: I think they give me power. I feel like the Predator when I’m out there. It’s cool that everybody knows me by my dreads, so I got to keep flowing and keep flying around.

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