Higher grades may correlate to poor relationships

The prevalence of women in the job market has increased throughout the years because of more female college graduates. Though they have found successful jobs, it has become harder to find a partner with the same success.

In August, the American Psychology Association studied men and found that their self-esteem is lower when their female partner is more successful than them. Along with that study, Thomas DiPrete — co-author and sociology professor of Columbia University — wrote “The Rise of Women: The Growing Gender Gap in Education and What It Means for American School,” which explains that men lack motivation to get higher education because they don’t understand the labor market’s demand for college-educated workers.

“Some don’t see the investment to get the highest education they can get,” said biology senior Will Kingori. “They’d rather cut class. It’s noble, but they’re working hard and not working smart.”

Kingori decided to attend college because he knows that in order to work in the industry he wants to be in, he must obtain a degree. He wants to make himself more marketable in the dentistry field.

However, some believe that men working instead of going to college is because of their circumstances.

“There’s a lot of men in college, but you’re not getting a lot of money because of the time you have to put in school. They feel like they need to provide,” said law graduate Crystal Henry. “It’s a delayed gratification. Some men would rather make money now to provide for their family and go to school later.”

For women who are in college, finding men with similar goals and outlooks is getting harder.

“The focus is split too much,” said interpersonal communications senior Chelsea Phillips. “The standards are higher because of education. You want someone on your level.”

DiPrete’s book also explains that because of traditional gender roles, there could be possible bruised egos if women were more successful than their male partners. As a result, some women avoid dating men who aren’t at the same pace as them.

“In this day and age, women are seeing that they will have to provide for themselves,” Kingori said. “Men have so much potential to provide; they just need to have the dedication. Women need to be patient enough to find good men to provide and then dedicate themselves.”

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