Cougars explore local eateries

From taco trucks to high-dollar sit-down restaurants, Houston has everything students desire in eating establishments, with plenty of options to choose from as their favorites.

Interior architecture senior Jonathan Lampson’s favorite place is D’amico Italian Market Café in Rice Village.

“I get the Mezzaluna, which is a ravioli dish,” Lampson said. “It’s fresh and homemade, so that’s why I go there.”

The Mezzaluna dish consists of homemade pasta stuffed with cheese and chicken in a bed of Alfredo sauce with sun-dried tomatoes.

D’amico’s is highly praised by Yelp! reviewers for generous portion sizes, authentic homemade taste and everything from the food to the atmosphere being worth every penny.

D’amico’s serves a wide range of Italian favorites from spaghetti and meatballs to seafood risotto.

Psychology and corporate communications senior Juan Pablo Velazquez enjoys a campus favorite as his go-to eatery.

“Bare Bowls — I eat there everyday,” Velazquez said.

The food truck is one of several that travel to UH regularly and feed those looking for food that is just a little different from that found in the cafeteria-style Satellite.

“I get the Sri Lanka Bowl,” Velazquez said. “It’s a lot healthier than most of the other things on campus.”

Houston Press’s Phaedra Cook agrees in her January 2012 review of Bare Bowls’ opening.

“This is the kind of food your personal trainer or nutritionist probably gripes at you to eat. I felt great all afternoon, so maybe they’re talking sense after all,” Cook said.

Bare Bowls offers four regionally based bowls as well as sandwiches and salads, giving variety and freshness — since it is all made on the truck for everyone who opts for their healthy dishes.

Hotel and restaurant management senior Chris Mata prefers a small Chinese restaurant with a location about 10 minutes from campus.

“888. I get the Kung Pao chicken,” Mata said.

888 Chinese Restaurant has a few locations around town and has mixed reviews from Yelp! reviewers — some reviews are under the wrong location, but for the most part, reviewers agree that the food is something you cannot miss out on — especially the Kung Pao chicken.

888 has over-50 option on its menu ranging from soups to fried rice, lo mein and chicken, beef and seafood entrées and is frequently noted as very authentic.

“I love spicy food and I love peanuts, so it’s the perfect combination,” Mata said.

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