Fashion falls into shopping bags, closets

Fall is approaching and it’s time for a warmer closet. This season, students are preparing for the cooler months by stocking up on the latest fashion trends.

Blazers, cardigans, boots and bold-printed shirts are the must-have items for ladies and gentlemen this season. Cobalt, navy blue and shades of brown and grey are the colors that will be highlighted this year.

“I wear slogan sweaters, boots and darker colored skinny jeans,” said math junior Keiambria Banks.

For guys, a more professional look is in season.

“In the fall, I dress more business casual, and depending on the weather, I may dress in more comfortable casual clothes, like polo shirts and khakis,” said finance senior Rakim Stevenson.

Layering is fundamental in fall fashion. A blazer can be layered over a button-down, blouse or even a casual shirt, and leg warmers can accent boots or any other shoe during the season.

For the days that aren’t so cool, layering isn’t needed.

“I wear light jackets, jeans, boots and long sleeve button-down shirts,” said supply chain management senior Stephen Chin.

Some students find that thrift shopping is the best way to add to their wardrobes. Value Village and Buffalo Exchange are two thrift shops where students find affordable clothes and accessories.

“I thrift hardcore for original pieces and try to keep it funky,” said retailing and consumer science junior Jasmine Berry.

Berry finds thrift shopping a way to stock up on plenty of items for the cheapest prices. Trends can get expensive, and being a college student, there are other necessities that might have to be paid.

Value Village and Buffalo Exchange have multiple locations, with some only three miles from campus. Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Forever 21 and Target are also stores where students tend to shop. These stores also have locations close to campus as well as in the Galleria Mall.

A must-have accessory for fall is a scarf. Not only are they a great transitioning piece that keep students warm as the weather changes, the bold prints and patterns can match or accent any outfit.

“I really love scarves; they can make the worst outfit look great,” Banks said.

Berry also enjoys using scarves in her wardrobe.

“I wear them around my neck, on my head and, if I’m feeling really diva-ish, on my bag,” Berry said.

Along with these must-have items, all students have their own individual style.

“My style changes every day,” said graphic design and supply chain management senior Jai’Lon Lightfoot. “Some days, I’m more girly; some days, I’m more butch; some days, I don’t match, but it still coordinates.”

No matter what style students are going for, the essentials are all the same. With these items in closets this fall, students will be able to stay warm and fashionable.

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