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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Staff Editorial

UH gives priority to its students

The Houston Chronicle published an editorial about the University’s involvement — or lack thereof — in its surrounding area, on Nov. 2. In response, Student Government Association President Cedric Bandoh wrote an article for the Chronicle on Thursday.

The editorial calls for UH to “apply its resources to helping residents of the Third Ward solve some of the city’s most vexing problems.”

It then cites Syracuse University as an example of university-driven community work in an urban area where students have helped to build houses and encouraged business in a formerly dilapidated surrounding area.

In his piece, Bandoh reminds readers of the community work that UH does, as well as the recognition it has received its efforts.

But Bandoh’s main point is that UH’s priority is — and will always be — student success, and that, unlike Syracuse, UH is a public institution that has limited funding from the government. This funding will always be allocated, according to Bandoh, to encourage student success. Bandoh also expresses his belief that UH should not shoulder the entirety of the accountability for the state of its surrounding areas.

“The overarching responsibility for implementing and funding the kind of change that will make a lasting difference in the Third Ward lies with the city, state and federal governments,” Bandoh said in the article.

In light of both articles, The Daily Cougar stands behind Bandoh.

UH, as an educational institution, gives priority to graduating students who will be leaders of both the community and the world.

UH will continue to be a presence benefiting its neighbors, and we hope this shared involvement grows. However, given its other priorities and limited resources, we hope UH does not forget its primary commitment to its students.

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