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To the homesick reader struggling to hold on

Dear Homesick,

I know that it can be difficult to leave home and embark on a new adventure. You start off excited for the world and all it has to offer. However, as time goes on and especially as the holidays draw near, it gets harder to focus on the positive future instead of reminiscing on the past. You want to return to what was because it is what you know.

My advice is to first take a deep breath, relax and try not to worry. You have to understand that everyone has to move on and that although it can be difficult, you can move on too.

It may sadden you to look at pictures of your friends and family and think back to the days of what once was, but know that you are on a path of your own choosing towards the future. Yes, I know that it’s clichéd and all, but it’s possible to move on and see the optimism in your future.

Another point of advice I can offer is to find someone around you to fill some of the voids. It’s obvious that they can never replace the people you have known forever, but allow them to help you take on the new challenges of your life.

If you really feel like that’s not helpful, I encourage you to head over to Counseling and Psychology Services and talk to a trained therapist, or simply make a trip home if that is easier on you.

In the end, stay hopeful, focus on the future and try to make a few friends to fill the void, and everything will be OK.



 Advice columnist Ryan Thompson is a psychology sophomore and may be reached at [email protected]

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