Flashback: Arts flourish, past and present

Flashback1967_Nov_20_fromNov28.jpg - nora

The model for the proposed Fine Arts Building, as presented to the UH Board of Regents in 1967, lives on today in the University’s “arts corridor” next to the architecture, theater and dance, music and communication colleges.  |  1967 The Daily Cougar

From UH’s oldest building, Roy G. Cullen, to its newer ones, like the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center, each campus structure tells a story — one of circumstance, prosperity and community.

Though the University was founded in 1927, each college was built separately. The Fine Arts Building was presented to the Board of Regents in 1967 and was officially opened to the community in 1972. The Fine Arts Building soon housed another campus arts institution: the Blaffer Art Museum, which opened in 1973. These, along with one of the largest university public art collections in the country, have come to complement UH’s Tier One research status.


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