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New UC, new opportunities for The Daily Cougar

With the reopening of the University Center, students already have plenty of expectations for the renovated facility.

It provides a new place to hang out with friends, new entertainment options on campus and, of course, a new place to eat. But for the staff of The Daily Cougar, it will mean a greater sense of obligation to the people we dedicate ourselves to: you, the readers of our paper.

This semester, the Cougar has joined its sister organizations Student Video Network and Coog Radio on the second floor of the UC North in the Center for Student Media. The move grants the editors and writers of this paper a greater view of the campus and lets us be located in the heart of campus activity, as opposed to our old location — tucked into the back offices of the UC Satellite behind the Burger Studio.

This move isn’t purely cosmetic. It is symbolic on two parts. From the inside out, it unites the three organizations that make up CSM, an organization dedicated to bringing information and entertainment to the people of this campus. By being closer to the students, the move to the New UC will help us in our mission of serving you.

But from the outside in, the glass surrounding the CSM suite will serve as a reminder to ourselves that we are accountable to our readership. It is the media’s job to be honest and open to audiences. The glass windows will let you look at us every day and see the hard work being put into making an awesome product that we hope to see in the hands of every student on campus.

It is because of you, the reader, that we do all of this. Since 1934, you have supported us in our mission to bring new and exciting information to readers throughout the UH System.

Every paper picked up from any of the 80 racks around campus and every “like,” tweet, share or follow we get on our social media channels support us and our mission to you.

Going into the new semester, we will need your support more than ever before. We want to hear from you. We want to see more comments from you on our website and receive more letters to the editor.

This is your paper. This is your First Amendment in action, your input and your fellow students putting together their thoughts and ideas in a way presentable to you.

It’s your chance to get your organization out on the front page, and it’s your chance to get published. Write us a letter, make a guest contribution, or send us an application and even become a staff writer.

From the entire staff of the Cougar, we wish you good luck in another great semester.

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