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Professor paints walls with red spirit


School of Art associate professor Aaron Parazette painted the colorful mural entitled, “Remembering Next Summer,” in the New University Center to bring inspiration and positivity to current and future Cougars. | Justin Tijerina/The Daily Cougar

Students breezing through the hallways of the New University Center may notice a vibrant painting, created by a faculty member, next to the bookstore and Cougar Xpress Mini Mart.

Along with cozy lounge areas and a fully stocked food court, the New UC offers a mesmerizing orange, red, yellow and white mural painted by School of Art associate professor and artist Aaron Parazette.

Parazette has been part of the Cougar family since 1997 and has also featured his work in solo exhibitions in local and national museums.

This vivid painting, “Remembering Next Summer,” is a piece created by using his signature geometric designs and bright, or as Parazette says, “high-key,” colors that catch the attention of students and staff.

“The title, ‘Remembering Next Summer,’ is meant to conjure some measure of our purpose,” Parazette said. “It is striving and anticipating the completion and fulfillment that summer represents while, at the same time, knowing that each approaching summer will soon be passed to memory.”

The colors used in this piece were specifically inspired by the Cougar colors — reds and white mixed in with the yellows and oranges to represent the light and heat of summer, Parazette said.

Parazette intends to inspire and motivate students who are losing sight of their goals, slogging through classes or having a rough day.

“I hope this warm, complicated image will serve its purpose as a type of spirit wall for the UH Cougar — now and into the future,” Parazette said.

UC Program Coordinator Micah Kenfield is a self-proclaimed Parazette fan.

“‘Remembering Next Summer’ inspires a hopefulness and excitement for the future,” Kenfield said. “Students, faculty and visitors who walk into the New UC or even drive down Wheeler are sure to be awakened by a huge splash of red.”

Students often take pictures in front of the painting, and others studying nearby welcome the eye-pleasing masterpiece.

“The painting really lights up the whole room,” said pre-nursing sophomore Vanessa Quintanilla.

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