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Public relations and advertising alumnus Kennyrich Fomunung promoted his first publication, “The Glass,” a collection of poems, verses and stories, Tuesday at the New UC Bookstore. | Monica Tso/The Daily Cougar

An alumnus and newly published author showcased his work and shared his inspirations at the first book signing event Tuesday afternoon at the New University Center Bookstore.

After a three-year journey, public relations and advertising alumnus Kennyrich Fomunung published his first book, “The Glass,” on Nov. 26 and held the official release at the Athletics/Alumni Center.

Fomunung worked with Felix Robinson, the bookstore’s general manager, to bring his books to the UC Bookstore’s shelves, and Robinson offered him the opportunity to host the first book signing event this semester.

Drawing a crowd, Fomunung shared his spoken-word poems and a bit of history and personal experiences and influences.

“Growing up, I’ve always identified with authors almost twice my age, and I wondered why it was so rare to see young people writing books and inspiring others,” Fomunung said. “In 2011, I decided to write something to my generation from my generation.”

Filled with sentimental poems, short stories, prose and free verses, “The Glass” shares his thoughts on humanity, sentiments and spiritual experiences.

“I’ve been writing a long time. My friends all know that I used to write notes and statuses on Facebook, and I received a lot of positive feedback,” Fomunung said. “At UH, I took a lot of poetry classes, and after talking to one of my professors, I told myself that I will publish a book.”

He also created a blog, “Enrich by Kennyrich,” in 2010 to inspire students who aspire to write and share their deepest thoughts through words.

Fomunung, who was president of the Student Government Association from 2009 to 2010, realized the importance of continuing his legacy after graduating in 2010.

“I came to the U.S. from Cameroon in West Africa when I was 15. I studied at UH for four years, and it was the best four years of my life,” Fomunung said. “I decided that being president of SGA was only a stepping stone to doing something greater, and I want to inspire students to keep doing what they love.”

He stressed his appreciation for the support he has received from the University and from his peers, and he hopes his book can symbolize a portion of his gratitude.

“This entire experience demonstrates the diversity of the school,” Fomunung said. “And I hope that I can inspire students to stay motivated through and after their college careers.”

Finance junior Bleranda Neziri was studying in the bookstore when she overheard Fomunung’s presentation.

“I enjoyed Fomunung’s spoken words acts of ‘Daydreamer’ and ‘Math I Am,’ ” Neziri said. “I overheard his inspirations to write the book, and his way of advertising the book really grabs your attention.”

Neziri’s curiosity and wonder ended in her purchasing a copy of the book.

“The fact that he’s an alumnus and he’s going after something he really wants to do is great, and I like how he is inspiring others to do the same,” Neziri said. “I hope he’ll become a big seller one day.”

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