Organizations to represent diversity at cultural carnival

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The Council of Ethnic Organizations is hosting its annual Carnaval of Cultures on March 4 at Lynn Eusan Park where various organizations will showcase their traditional food and dances. | Courtesy of Godson Azie

An annual extravaganza of cultures will feature food, music and activities from noon to 7 p.m. March 4 at Lynn Eusan Park.

The Council of Ethnic Organizations will host its signature spring event, “Carnaval of Cultures,” for students to explore.

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Organizations at the Carnaval are arranging face painting, food and other fun-filled activities for students to experience culture. | Courtesy of Godson Azie

This day-long event features an afternoon portion from noon to 4 p.m., when students sell different foods to represent different regions of the world and their palates. Prices will range from 50 cents for single items to $5 for a full plate of food.

“There are so many types of food that the students bring,” said Cultural Programming Director Jimmy Mai. “It’s all good, especially the samosas — it’s just a great blend of spices, potatoes and other vegetables.”

The Carnaval offers baked goods, including cupcakes, cookies and pastries; Asian drinks; Vietnamese sandwiches; Korean sushi; samosas; meat pies; meat skewers; noodles; kabobs; and more.

Free novelties, including balloon art and face painting, are sold during the afternoon portion alongside the food.

After 4 p.m., things take an exciting turn as students switch their focus from food to the arts.

“The transition from the marketplace portion in the morning to performances in the evening is my favorite part of Carnaval of Cultures,” said CEO Director Erica Tat. “It adds excitement and energy when we can plan a day filled with activities for the student body to enjoy.”

World regions are represented by student organizations performing acts that include dancing, singing, martial arts and spoken word.

“I think the evening portion will be great because it truly displays the diversity of the different cultures in a new visual way,” said chair of membership development Ilana Zimmerman.

Carnaval of Cultures celebrates UH’s pride in its diversity and showcases the richness offered by such a diverse campus.

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