Fiesta caters to music, entertainment


Pop group A Great Big World hyped the crowd with its hit single, “Say Something,” on Thursday evening during the annual Frontier Fiesta. | Justin Tijerina/The Daily Cougar

The annual Western tradition started off with a bang at Frontier Fiesta, leading to the highly anticipated musical performance Thursday night.

“If you like music and great entertainment, there is something for everyone,” Student Government Association vice president-elect Erica Tat said of the Fiesta tradition.

“All these little pieces are coming along, bring(ing) everybody together. I’m excited for all these days; we have a great line-up and good smaller headliners to go with it.”

Aside from the live performances, food played a huge role in that tradition, as tents filled up with students, alumni and other guests.

“It’s been a really successful first day,” Tat said. “It had more activities for the students to do, and it’s been very well planned. From the variety shows to the stage setup, it’s a better layout, so it’s looking good so far.”

The carnival was a great opportunity for the Hispanic Business Student Association and Finance Association, who collaborated on the cook-out event and who were the only Bauer representatives.

Finance junior Adil Rajabali and finance senior Oscar Vaquerano represented the Global Energy Management and Finance Association organization at Frontier Fiesta.

“It’s awesome seeing everyone come out, leaving studying aside and having a great time. And it’s right along the time of midterms, so it’s a great way to keep your mind off the stress,” Rajabali said. “For our incoming freshmen and transfers, they get to see … our organization’s nightlife events. They see we not only focus on working hard but also having a good time. We work hard and play hard.”

The two members hoped these events lead to future recruitment.

“We’ve been planning this event for two to three months,” Vaquerano said. “It’s a lot of work but worth it.”

These events were new to pre-pharmacy freshman Jewel George, who found the festive atmosphere loose but full of potential.

“It’s my first time here at Frontier Fiesta. The musical performances were pretty good,” George said. “It will be fun to see the next big shows.”

As A Great Big World performed its hit single “Say Something,” Cougars sang along to the well-known chorus while taking notice of their other songs, which some heard for the first time.

“I checked out their album a little bit,” Tat said. “They’re really good; it’s a bit of a warm-up for me.”

Advertising sophomore Susan Moosavi went to Frontier Fiesta last year.

“Their other songs are really catchy,” Moosavi said of the Thursday headliner, A Great Big World. “The campus is so big, and people commute; it’s a cool way (to) bring everyone together and have fun while meeting new people.”

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