Recreation center to upgrade equipment


While the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center has been making minor upgrades, it is expecting new equipment by early summer for students to enjoy. The Center is also improving Cullen Field.  |  Courtesy of Bob Campbell

Much of UH has undergone construction to expand and improve. Although the New University Center and the new football stadium are easy to notice, the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center has also been upgraded, and students can expect to see even more in the near future.

Like any building or piece of equipment used on a daily basis, workout machines and student lockers were beginning to break and wear down. When it comes time to decide which problems get fixed first, associate director of facilities of the Recreation Center Bob Campbell takes many things into account before proceeding.

“These decisions are based on a number of variables,” Campbell said. “Over the last three years, the department has collected and analyzed information from a facility condition analysis, aquatic assessment and fitness equipment assessment in addition to surveying UH students, faculty and staff.”

All of this information in addition to direct feedback from students and CRWC members was used to develop a capital plan, set priorities and allocate resources, resulting in some of the improvements that are obvious to the UH community and others to building components that were critical but less obvious, Campbell said.

While there are many ins and outs to deciding about renovations that we may not see, Campbell says students’ voices play a big part in the decisions being made.

“In addition to data collected through program evaluations and assessments, Campus Recreation also has an advisory board comprised of students, faculty and staff that provides feedback on major changes,” Campbell said.

Public health junior Phuong Nguyen, who regularly visits the Recreation Center, had mixed feelings about the changes.

“I really like the new machines, and the lockers are convenient, but they still need to fix some of the machines that have been broken for months,” Nguyen said.

Nguyen’s comments are being heard, as he and the rest of the student body can expect to see changes to the Recreation Center as early as this year.

“We will continue to replace strength and cardio equipment this spring and summer with a new line of the Cybex strength equipment arriving early summer,” said Director of Campus Recreation Kim Clark. “Improvements to Cullen Field are scheduled for this summer that will include an improved grass playing surface, irrigation and sports lighting.”

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