A current staff member reflects on incoming Fall 2014 changes

When I first transferred to UH, I immediately became a fan of The Daily Cougar.

At the time, I liked the fact that it was still doing daily print editions. I was also a fan of the online edition, because I could view it from my phone whenever I wanted.

The newspaper was my No. 1 source for anything related to UH and still is today.

Writing for The Daily Cougar, seeing all the hard work behind the scenes and seeing everyone put in long hours makes me appreciate all the efforts put behind the paper.

As a writer, the hope is that all of my hard work will not be in vain. Even if I make an impact on just one reader, then I feel that I’ve made a contribution to get someone to form their own opinion.

I believe it’s important to read the news — not just celebrity gossip or the funny articles found on newsfeeds, but whatever is going on in the world. It’s important that people are aware of what’s going on outside of their little bubble. People need to know what’s happening in their communities and around the world.

This year I’ve learned that not everyone is going to agree with what you write, but that’s OK, because that’s the point of the opinion section. I light up every time someone tells me they’ve read my article.

There’s always a sense of pride whenever I hear someone refer to something they read from The Daily Cougar. I hear more positive feedback than negative, and there’s always a topic for any Cougar to enjoy. Being surrounded by an active community, I’m glad that I’ve found another home here.

I’m excited to see the progress we make as we go through this transition. The Cougar will better be able to cater to you, the students, but this transition also gives us the opportunity to reach greater audiences beyond the confines of the University.

As our efforts shift to continuously improve how we deliver news and create better content, it is my hope that you enjoy this journey with us.

Although it will look different in Fall 2014, it will still be the same newspaper. It’s not going to be just a school newspaper anymore — I believe it will be an upcoming news source for Houstonians.

Opinion columnist Gemrick Curtom is a public relations junior and may be reached at [email protected]

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