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New on-campus bar to open in August

With finals in our midst, it’s hard to believe that there’s more to look forward to than summer. Though it’s promised to bring an “affordable” sports bar and grill to a campus that’s been craving a stronger campus life, many are unaware of Calhoun’s Rooftop Bar & Grill, a second-story restaurant that will be opening its doors in August.

The restaurant and bar will neighbor The Nook Cafe on the northern-facing end of the Calhoun strip center. It’ll also house the only two-story lot in the strip, though the first floor of Calhoun’s Rooftop Bar & Grill will be empty. Rather, students will make their way up a flight of stairs to a second-story bar, grill and 3,600 square feet of patio located on the roofs of The Nook and Jimmy John’s.

“The idea is basically just to bring more of a college life to campus,” said owner Todd Weaver. “With the rooftop and the food (of Calhoun’s Rooftop Bar), we just want to bring something else besides just ordering a beer.”

The bar, which is tentatively set to open Aug. 1, will offer between 10 and 12 beers on tap, aiming for a mix of craft, imported and domestic brews. The bar will divide the second-story grill from the rooftop patio. On the patio, broadcasts of all UH sporting events will be projected so patrons can enjoy an ice-cold brew and some Cougar football with the Houston skyline in their line of vision.

“We’ll be doing a lot of music — we all come from a nightclub background,” Weaver said.

The grill will serve up the standard fare of bar food, but Weaver insists that the “low prices” and quality of Calhoun’s will keep Cougars coming back for more.

“We’re going to be doing wings, stuffed burgers, regular bar food — but we’re going to be doing them well,” Weaver said.

General manager Ben Locher expressed excitement for the buzz that Calhoun’s has generated around campus.

“The students seem to be really excited,” Locher said. “It means the world to us that there is such a positive vibe around us.”

“We want to pride ourselves on having great service, good food and awesome drinks. We want to keep the students on campus so they don’t have to go to Washington or Midtown.”

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  • I’m glad on campus life is growing. I’ll have to make this a place to watch an out of town game with buds.

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