Special Section Spring Finals Edition

The five best places to study in Houston

Finals, finally. Then the summer comes and studying can be briefly left behind. But before summer cruises in, studying must be conquered.

Thus, a trip to The Nook Cafe can be a haven for a cram — er — study session. Recently opened in December, the Nook is already a Cougar favorite. On the chalkboard walls are portraits of Shasta and messages from fellow Cougars, and even the pastries sport school spirit with names like Shasta’s Pride. Plus, Cougars can get coffee as well as locally brewed drafts and fresh squeezed juices from locally grown fruits.

But a trip farther off campus to The Doshi House is another place to hit the books.

The small cafe gives off a feeling of intimacy and comfort via the assortment of antiques and mismatched furniture surrounded by walls of local artists’ work. The Doshi House offers a variety of all-natural and vegetarian options alongside its coffees. Panini options, such as Mumbai Streets, are packed with flavor from Thai seasoning, fried plantains and hummus.

However, while Houston’s brief spring still reigns, Discovery Green Park downtown is the place to be. The park was one of the first places downtown to offer free outdoor WiFi. But the park offers a few more options than luscious grass and shaded seating to study. One can take a study break and enjoy some yoga or Zumba, go kayaking or attend any of the other classes offered at the park.

While we’re outside, the Cullen sculpture garden outside the Contemporary Arts Museum and Museum of Fine Arts, Houston is another studying spot. Surrounded by concrete walls, a sense of peace and stillness can be found in the maze of sculptures. What’s more, during lunch hours, a food truck is parked just beyond the walls adjacent to the parking lot. The food trucks change daily, so it’s best to follow the Fine Arts Museum Twitter.

A cozy combination of the openness of the outdoors and intimacy of a traditional coffee shop can be found at Empire Cafe. Located in the series of boutiques and cafes on Westheimer, Empire Cafe has plenty of outside seating where one can enjoy the mix of sounds from the music overhead, the busy street beyond a wall of potted plants and the muffled buzz of the fellow guests. Inside, the artwork on the walls is intriguing. Plus, Empire Cafe offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert options.

So while finals is here, let’s explore our studying scene options.

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