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Houston’s biggest mural promotes contemporary urban art

Photo by Caitlin HIlton.

The artist, Sebastien Boileau, in front of his freshly revealed piece. |  Courtesy of Caitlin HIlton.

Sebastien Boileau’s recreation of a Michelangelo classic, “Preservons la Creation” (Let’s Preserve the Creation), is officially the largest mural in the Houston metro area, standing five stories tall and covering more than 8,000 square feet.

“This is a monumental mural,” said International Trade and Development Council Chairman Peter Brown. “It will start sending a message about how important the arts are in Houston.”

More than 200 gallons of paint and 400 cans of spray paint were used over a span of 27 straight days to produce the mural. Artist Sebastian Boileau said he has always been fascinated by the Renaissance Era and was eager to challenge himself.

“I’m very happy that I was able to pull it off,” Boileau said. “ It was definitely not easy.”

Partnerships from the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts, Midtown Management District and UP Art Studio helped make the project possible.

“We literally finished two hours ago,” Boileau said at the premiere unveiling earlier this month. “I knew I needed a team as crazy as I am, so of course I called UP Art Studio.”

Project manager Elia Quiles from UP Art Studio said she is grateful for the experience of working on something impacts the community.

“The mural is intended to beautify, as well as to educate,” Quiles said. “(Our) mission is about the positive promotion of contemporary urban art.”

The TFAA held a benefit auction at the unveiling to help raise money for a children’s hospital mural. The mural will show children that art can help with healing and recovery. The program will produce drawings created by pediatric patients that will be integrated into one mural under the artistic direction of Boileau.

“This is what we paint murals for — to bring people together,” Boileau said. “The city is embracing the arts of all kinds — whether it’s graffiti art or performing art — which makes me really happy because I live here and I want to see this city grow.”

The children’s hospital mural will begin production in 2015. When you donate $1, Houston Arts Alliance adds 40 cents to the project. Head to and click on The Biggest Mural in Houston to donate. You can find “Preservons la Creation” on the back of a five-story building at 2800 San Jacinto, off Fannin Street.

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