TDECU Stadium to be UH football’s new home

Texas Dow Employee Credit Union has purchased the naming rights to the formerly unnamed football stadium at UH.

According to their website, TDECU is the fourth largest credit union in the state of Texas, and it possesses some $2 billion in overall assets. A press conference formally announcing the naming will take place at 2 p.m. tomorrow at the Athletics and Alumni Center.

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  • The university has my undying loyalty, I bleed battle red. However, this naming is an indefensible marketing/branding misstep. “Come visit the T. D. E. C. U. stadium!” – no. I plan to mitigate by calling it T’deckoo.

  • I cant see anyone using that name when refering to the stadium. Other monikers will likely be used by most people. Honestly… I see it as a poor move by the sponsor.

  • TDECU Stadium is fine by me. $15 million is substantial. Go Coogs. Only 52 days left! Get your season tickets quick. I already got mine. 4th row on the 25 yard line!

  • My friends and I are calling it “The Deck.” Works for me. For $15 million you can call it crapbag stadium and I’ll still be there.

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